I went to Africa in order to experience it with my daughter. A trip of a lifetime that we could share together. I saw her serve others and grow in her thoughtfulness and compassion for others. But I was also deeply touched. I come from a world where kids no long care about school. I encountered students that walk miles just to attend school. In a world where it takes money and fancy games to entertain a child, I saw joy just to have a soccer ball to share with friends. In a world where people have whole closets built to house their shoes I saw children running and laughing who had no shoes. Coming from a world of electronics, I saw houses with no electricity or running water but they knew their neighbor and lived together in small villages. To contrast my world of instant communication I saw a people that lived in community. From cities here that are so brightly lit you never really see the darkā€¦to a place where the stars shine brightly and the Milky Way is visible. In a world where we have every advantage and take most for granted I learned to appreciate how clean water can forever change a village. In my frantic fast paced life where I wonder if anything I ever do will make a difference, I have the opportunity to sponsor a child so that they can get schooling that will dramatically change their future. I come from a young nation of only 400 years. I met a people who live on the land of their ancestors for thousands of years. My mission trip was an experience that was humbling yet expanded my outlook and my faith. I was forever changed and the faces of Africa will continue to inspire me.