Short-Term Missions

If you are interested in joining us on a Short-Term Mission trip, please contact us for more information

Short-Term Mission TripsIf You Are Interested in Joining Us on a Short-Term Mission Trip,
Please Contact Us for More Information

Short-Term Mission Trips

Our current Regional focus is Sub-Saharan Africa with the predominant majority of our work occurring in Zambia. Most available trip options are between 1 and 3 weeks in duration. Trip participants will travel through South Africa up to Zambia, and Botswana. Trip activities include evangelism, village ministry, care for orphans and vulnerable children, digging of wells, and feeding programs.

Approximate trip cost varies between US $1300-$1700 per person + airfare and includes lodging, food, and transportation.

If you are interested in joining us on a Short-Term Mission Trip, please contact us for more information. Trip Applications can be found by clicking the “Download Application” button below.


Pastor Stewart D.

"My experience traveling with Chris and his team was incredible! The people I met, the opportunities to serve, and the breath taking views all surpassed my expectations. But the most impactful thing for me was the tangible presence of almighty God like I’ve never felt before"

Sarah W.

"Going to Africa has been the greatest eye opening experience for me. To
see the reality that some people live in is heartbreaking, but to see
their love and faith despite their daily hardships is truly inspiring!
Going to Zambia you feel like you are there to help them, but in reality
they end up teaching you how to give from nothing, love openly and how
to truly live in community. You will fall in love with the people and
want to go back again!"

Stafford B.

"Since becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, I had wanted to participate in foreign missions; specifically Africa. Then I met Chris Rackley, and although it had been over 35 years since my initial desire was birthed, it was reignited by the zeal, love and passion he has for Africa. I cannot convey verbally the impact the trip has had. From that visit, I have never seen so many do so much with so little. My life has been forever transformed and I will return to Africa and my new family."

Susan B.

"I went to Africa in order to experience it with my daughter. A trip of a lifetime that we could share together. I saw her serve others and grow in her thoughtfulness and compassion for others. But I was also deeply touched. I come from a world where kids no long care about school. I encountered students that walk miles just to attend school. In a world where it takes money and fancy games to entertain a child, I saw joy just to have a soccer ball to share with friends. In a world where people have whole closets built to house their shoes I saw children running and laughing who had no shoes. Coming from a world of electronics, I saw houses with no electricity or running water but they knew their neighbor and lived together in small villages. To contrast my world of instant communication I saw a people that lived in community. From cities here that are so brightly lit you never really see the dark…to a place where the stars shine brightly and the Milky Way is visible. In a world where we have every advantage and take most for granted I learned to appreciate how clean water can forever change a village. In my frantic fast paced life where I wonder if anything I ever do will make a difference, I have the opportunity to sponsor a child so that they can get schooling that will dramatically change their future. I come from a young nation of only 400 years. I met a people who live on the land of their ancestors for thousands of years. My mission trip was an experience that was humbling yet expanded my outlook and my faith. I was forever changed and the faces of Africa will continue to inspire me."

Griffin L.

“I’m not really sure how to put Zambia’s impact on me in words. What stood out to me the most was the stark contrast between Americans and Zambians. We have so much provision in the States yet we lack so much joy, the people I met in Zambia had so little provision but yet they walked with so much joy. That and their true focus on community made a major impact on me”

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